• Shopping Local Matters!

  • Supporting local business: It's about community.

    When local businesses thrive, it encourages other perspective entrepreneurs to take notice and set up shop themselves. From there larger companies and industry partners see Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo as an attractive place to put down roots, create more jobs, and enhance the quality of life for everyone.

    Why Shop Local?

    1. What gets spent here, stays here: It’s a simple fact that the money you spend here at home is far more likely to be reinvested into our local economy. Local businesses are more likely to purchase the things they need from other local businesses. Your single purchase can make a significant impact many times over!


    1. Locally made goods: Our local small businesses often carry unique specialty products made in smaller quantities by local artisans and craftspeople. These products help add distinction to our community and encourage these local producers to grow and expand.


    1. Supporting social profits: Did you know small businesses are many times more likely to support local nonprofit organizations than larger companies? It’s true! Local businesses support good work in Fort McMurray.


    1. Get to know your neighbours: Through shopping local, you’ll develop a personal connection with business owners and their staff. This can benefit you in many ways, from gaining special expertise in the products you love, to having more of what you want added to your favorite local businesses’ inventory.


    1. Service with a smile: Local business owners are almost always passionate about the products they sell. When you shop local, you can expect a level of service that large companies simply can’t offer.


    1. Cost effective: Often, supporting local means a real cost savings for you. A local small business with lower overhead costs can have the freedom to offer products at prices the larger companies can’t.


    1. Community Building: A strong, vibrant, and stable local business sector can be a prime indicator of a healthy community overall. By supporting local businesses, you are ensuring your home stays a desirable place to live, work and play for years to come.

    Ways to Support Local Business:

    The best thing about supporting local is it's something each of us can start doing today! Remember, every day we have a choice about how our money gets spent. The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce represents hundreds of amazing local businesses who are ready to serve you.

    Check out our business directory now!



    Love.Shop.Local is a special prepaid card created with one goal in mind; to empower Fort McMurray residents to support local merchants by offering a home-grown payment solution. Prepaid cards are available in denominations of $50.00 and $100.00, and can be used at over 100 featured merchants in Fort McMurray.

    Right now, you will receive an instant 20% rebate on every Love.Shop.Local card you obtain from the Chamber of Commerce. Follow the link below to learn more:


    Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Shop Local Marketplace.

    The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce a brand-new eCommerce platform created especially for local businesses! If you're a small business owner who is ready to begin selling online, simply follow the link below and get started now!


    Chamber members & businesses can find, submit and promote events within their local community. 
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