• Shawn McDonald - PPC Party

  • 1. What bill(s) would you support being amended or repealed with the intention of benefitting our region? Briefly explain your reasoning.

    I would support repealing Bills C-69 and C-48. These bills have had devastating consequences for the Alberta oil & gas industry. I have fought against them both in the past publicly, and by holding the first ever Indigenous led pipeline rally and truck convoy in Lac La Biche. Another Bill I oppose is Bill C-10 as it threatens our freedom of speech and expression.

    Under the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, I would support repealing the Carbon Tax. 

    2. What are the top 5 initiatives, if proposed by any Member of Parliament, that you would be supportive of for the benefit of your constituents?

    1. Invoking section 92(10) of our Constitution for pipeline projects such as Energy East, and any other projects that are in the national interest of Canada

    2. Restructuring the Indian Act to be fully inclusive of all First Nations in Canada

    3. Restructuring the formula on equalization in a way that is fair for all provinces

    4. Bringing clean drinking water to First Nations communities

    5. Lowering individual and corporate tax rates upon balancing the budget

    3. Is balancing the Federal Budget within the next 10 years a priority? If “yes,” how would it be achieved. If “no,” briefly explain your reasoning.

    Yes, but the PPC would strive to balance the budget in 4 years, after the first term. We cannot hand down our massive, out of control debt to our children and grandchildren. Given the government-inflicted damage that we are all facing, and even more so after these past 19 months, it would be incomprehensible to NOT get our fiscal house in order. As a business man of 25 years the number one rule is to never spend more than you make; to live within your means. Here are some of the tools the PPC would use to balance the budget:

    a) Through spending cuts, including corporate welfare $5-10bn

    b) Cuts to foreign development aid $5bn

    c) Defund the CBC $1bn

    d) Equalization payments

    e) Eliminate targeted tax measures that are inefficient

    For more information on our plan to balance the budget read our platforms





    4. On October 18th, Albertans will be asked “Should section 36(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982 – Parliament and the government of Canada’s commitment to the principle of making equalization payments – be removed from the constitution?” If the majority answers “yes”, would this be a benefit or detriment to our region?

    If the majority of Albertans answer “yes”, it would communicate to the rest of Canada that we feel we are in an unfair position in Confederation, and could potentially open the door for a new formula. Yes, it would be beneficial.

    5. Rank these priorities based upon their impact and importance to your constituency:

    1- Job Creation

    4- Promoting and utilizing Canadian goods & services across the country

    9- Modernizing the tax system

    8- Attracting foreign investment

    5- Trade corridors & interprovincial infrastructure

    10- Foreign relations

    6- Financial support & programs for families

    3- Supporting small business

    2- Economic recovery & growth

    7- Environmental Protection (NOTE** this is lower on the list for me as Alberta and our Oil & Gas Industry already has the best in the world class Environmental standards in place and continue to lower our Carbon footprint steadily)

    6. What is your position on the effectiveness of lockdowns and future lockdowns impacting business?

    My position on the lockdowns is that they need to end immediately. The lockdowns (past and present) are devastating small businesses, destroying relationships and the social fabric of our communities, and are rapidly increasing depression, anxiety and mental health issues, suicide rates, crime rates and drug/alcohol abuse. The cure cannot be worse than the disease. There have been other paths recommended by emergency management experts (Lieutenant Colonel (ret) David Redman for example) and medical experts on early intervention, treatments and prophylaxis for the immunocompromised. Healthcare capacity should be increased and the threats of firing unvaccinated healthcare workers need to end. We are 19 months into this and in a fourth wave; it’s clear the measures governments have taken, and are currently taking, do not work. We need to protect the vulnerable and let the healthy work and keep our economy going, to keep our healthcare system and social programs well funded. 

    What is your position on mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, and interprovincial travel being impacted currently and through 2022?

    I adamantly oppose mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports. 

    8. Canadian Parents including those in Fort McMurray have long struggled to find affordable high quality childcare spaces. A contributing factor to this is cost as well as the lack of qualified Early Childhood Educators working in the childcare sector. What is your party's plan for developing a strong ECE workforce that can provide affordable, quality care?

    The PPC will give up the GST and let the provinces and territories manage it. Like healthcare, childcare programs would be funded with this transfer of tax points and managed by the provinces. The provincial governments can choose how they can best support families, with affordable, quality child care and how to develop a strong ECE workforce. Every province is unique in their needs and this would be a more efficient way to help all Canadian families rather than a centralized program that might not benefit all in the same ways.

    9. If elected to represent our region, will you vote based on the needs of your constituents, or to align yourself with your party’s policy expectations? For example, if your party told you to vote in favor of a carbon pricing initiative which would directly impact the residents of Fort McMurray - Cold Lake, would you vote in favour or against?

    To be clear, the PPC party would never ask me to vote in favour of a carbon pricing initiative, as it goes against our party platform. If elected I would be representing and will vote based on my constituent’s needs first and foremost. They are the ones paying my salary to represent them. The People’s Party of Canada will encourage free votes for MPs which allows them the freedom to vote to specifically support their region’s and constituent’s needs

    10. Please briefly outline your strategy for ongoing reconciliation efforts with indigenous communities.

    I myself am Metis. I have both aboriginal and non aboriginal family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances and I will represent and support both aboriginal and non aboriginal constituents. Based on my own personal experience, being the President of ROABA and a business man of 25 years, I saw far more reconciliation by working with industries in our province, than I have from any level of government. There is something wrong with that picture. The Federal Governments in the past, especially, have failed over and over again.

    The Indian Act itself is archaic and must be reformed and renamed, but this time to include the input of the First Nation’s people. The First Nations MUST be engaged and it must have their final stamp of approval this time around. I will sit down with First Nations leaders from across Canada to listen to their concerns and work with them to resolve issues they face.

    In addition, all Section 35 People must be included in the reconciliation process. A reformed Indigenous Act needs to include all Aboriginal Peoples.


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