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  • Our Sincere Thanks for Making

    the 2021 Business Awards Celebration a Huge Success!

  • Award Descriptions, Criteria, Nominees, and Winners:

    Business of the Year - Over 20 Employees, Under 20 Employees &  Over 100 Employees

    This will be awarded to three businesses with respective award winners and nominee(s) differentiated by the number of full-time employees that they have.

    The three Business of the Year Awards of Under 20 Employees, Over 20 Employees, & Over 100 Employees will be chosen by the Selection Committee from all nominated businesses. 

    Business of the Year - Under 20 Employees Presented by:

    Award Finalists:

    • Kumon
    • Life & Portraits - Winner
    • YMM Dance Company


    Business of the Year - 20 to 99 Employees Presented by:

    Award Finalists:

    • 57 North
    • Achieve Wellness - Winner
    • Fort McMurray Golf Club


    Business of the Year - Over 99 Employees Presented by:

    Award Finalists:

    • Acden - Joint Winner
    • Birch Mountain Enterprises - Joint Winner

    Female Leadership

    Presented by: 

    Nominee(s) must have demonstrated excellence in their field. In addition, they must be acting in a leadership capacity and have demonstrated leadership qualities in enhancing entrepreneurship for women.

    Award Finalists:

    • Alethea Austin - Winner
    • Ruchi Pachauri & Ami Mavani
    • Tamara Roy

    Environment & Sustainability 

    Presented by:

    Nominee(s) must have demonstrated outstanding leadership in economic, social, charitable, or environmental activities. They have shown a dedicated focus on achieving a vision and mandate aligned with ongoing contributions to the environment and/or sustainability. As well, the nominee(s) promotes volunteerism. 

    Award Finalists:

    • Acden Environment - Winner
    • The Mobile Laundry Basket
    • The Fort McMurray Airport Authority

    Emerging Entrepreneur

    Presented by: 

    The nominee(s) must have demonstrated bravery by opening their business during the COVID-19 pandemic (Since April 2020). As well, nominees in this category must be sustainable in nature and show growth potential.

    Award Finalists:

    • The Chopped Leaf
    • Exhale Yoga & Barre - Winner
    • Kumon

    Indigenous Business

    Presented by:

    The nominee(s) have incorporated cross-cultural relations and Indigenous values into organizational culture and business practices. They have value-added benefits to Indigenous communities and individuals in at least one Alberta community as a result of implementing best practices including economic development, employment and training, and community engagement. 

    Award Finalists:

    • Birch Mountain Enterprises - Winner
    • Omisimâw Wellness

    Lifetime Business Achievement

    Presented by:

    The nominee(s) must be an individual (or duo if appropriate). This award is to recognize a business leader’s contributions over their whole career, rather than a single contribution or time.

    Wayne Pinkney - Winner

    Youth Entrepreneur

    Presented by:

    The nominee(s) must be an individual under the age of 30. The nominee(s) must have played a direct and primary role in the planning and establishment of the business, and must be currently operating in a leadership capacity. 

    Award Finalists:

    • Pampered Pet Box - Winner

    Corporate-Social Collaboration

    Presented by:

    The nominee(s) must be a business that demonstrates a robust corporate-social responsibility program and promotes impact within the community through work with the social-profit organizations and volunteer programs found within Wood Buffalo. The winner will be one that is incredibly collaborative and committed to ensuring a better community.

    Award Finalists:

    • MIB Moving
    • The Mobile Laundry Basket
    • Prestige Jewellers - Winner

    Adaptation Award

    Presented by

    The nominee(s) must be a business that successfully pivoted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in innovative ways that allowed their business to sustain during closures and pandemic challenges.

    Award Finalists:

    • Mr. E's Solve-it-Torium
    • Theater; Just Because
    • YMM Dance Company - Winner

    Hospitality and Tourism Business

    Presented by:

    This award recognizes the active role of the nominee(s) in the development of the local tourism industry, making Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo a place to visit. The nominee(s) could have a business in the following areas: accommodations, restaurants/cafes, recreational facilities, attractions, etc.

    Award Finalists:

    • 57 North
    • Fort McMurray Golf Club - Winner
    • Surekha's on the Snye

    People’s Choice

    Presented by: 

    The nominee(s) have enhanced the quality of life for the community, and attracted people to the area. They will have promoted and added vibrancy to the well-being, health, and development of the community. The nominee(s) have demonstrated long-term community engagement, and have taken opportunities to showcase the region through marketing and community events, and/or programs. As well, they have promoted cultural activities, tourism, and/or sporting events. 

    While nominees in this category will be determined by the Committee based on the above criteria, the winner of the People’s Choice category will be determined by public ballot.

    About the Award Process

    To be eligible as a valid nominee in any category your business must:

    • Maintain operations in the Wood Buffalo region at the time of awards
    • Have not won in the category in the past three years
    • Within the past 3 years:
      • Contributed significantly and demonstrably to the economic and social well-being of Wood Buffalo
      • Evidenced sustained financial viability, growth and success
    • And have derived no more than 30% of annual revenue from any combination of donations, grants and/or subsidies.

    All nominations are reviewed & evaluated by an independent judging committee made up of local, qualified members of the business community.

    Their mandate is to objectively determine the finalists and ultimately the winner in each category based on the applicable criteria outlined.

    In that regard, all nominees will be evaluated as follows:

    • People & Clients - This criteria explores the business relationship internally with employees and externally with clients 
    • Profit & Growth - This criteria explores the history and future plans for growth 
    • Community Involvement - This criteria relates to the social aspect of business extending to the community 
    • Global Community & Sustainability - This criteria relates to aspects of business that extends to an awareness of business as it relates to the larger global community

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