• Brian Deheer - Green Party of Canada

  • 1. What bill(s) would you support being amended or repealed with the intention of benefitting our region? Briefly explain your reasoning.

    As requested by the Assembly of First Nations in “The Healing Path Forward:” repeal the Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Water Act and replace it with First Nations-led legislation.

    Address the colonial and racist nature of the Indian Act and replace it with provisions proposed by Canada’s Indigenous Peoples.

    Remove criminal penalties for drug possession and use of those drugs listed under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

    Decriminalize sex work and reform sex trade legislation, notably Bill C-36 (2014), the Protection for Communities and Exploited Persons Act, with a clear focus on harm reduction.

    2. What are the top 5 initiatives, if proposed by any Member of Parliament, that you would be supportive of for the benefit of your constituents?

    Respectful replacement of the Indian Act with Indigenous-led legislation.

    Invest in affordable housing; ensure access to quality housing for Indigenous Peoples; make use of rent controls, encourage housing coops, and support homeless shelters.

    A Guaranteed Livable Income for all. This will stimulate the local economy, give people choice, dignity and opportunity, and ensure we Leave No One Behind. Note: GLI is also a recommendation from the Calls to Justice in the Report of the National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

    Address inefficient heating with energy efficiency retrofits.

    Establish a Green Venture Capital fund that would help the Green recovery and the transition to a greener economy. This would include green retraining initiatives, and would speed the transition to carbon-free vehicles and the needed supporting infrastructure.

    3. Is balancing the Federal Budget within the next 10 years a priority? If “yes,” how would it be achieved. If “no,” briefly explain your reasoning.

    Absolutely. In 2019, the Green Party’s fully-costed budget was reviewed and approved by the Parliamentary Budget Officer. Have not seen similar reviews by the PBO for any party in this election.

    4. On October 18th, Albertans will be asked “Should section 36(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982 – Parliament and the government of Canada’s commitment to the principle of making equalization payments – be removed from the constitution?” If the majority answers “yes”, would this be a benefit or detriment to our region?

    The region has traditionally had a high proportion of high wage earners; however, this may not continue to be so. We can no longer rely on high oil revenues; we know this continues to decline as global demand for oil decreases, and as high production costs lead to job losses due to automation in the industry. We are already at a tipping point where profit margins are threatened. If we continue to drag our heels on adopting green infrastructure, the economic performance of the province will fall. We will need to rely on benefits from equalization payments in the future. This is an insurance policy that reduces risk and distributes returns nationwide.

    5. Rank these priorities based upon their impact and importance to your constituency:

    1. Environmental Protection

    2. Financial support & programs for families

    3. Supporting small business

    4. Economic recovery & growth

    5. Modernizing the tax system

    6. Job Creation

    7. Promoting and utilizing Canadian goods & services across the country

    8. Business Competitiveness

    9. Trade corridors & interprovincial infrastructure

    10. Foreign relations

    11. Attracting foreign investment

    6. What is your position on the effectiveness of lockdowns and future lockdowns impacting business?

    Need to respect Covid safety precautions; if we follow them responsibly, this will minimize impacts on business.

    7. What is your position on mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, and interprovincial travel being impacted currently and through 2022?

    We need to be as safe as possible; to respect restrictions to travel in order get to the recovery as quickly as possible. Need to make respectful choices, be considerate for the safety of others.

    Support reducing barriers to people getting vaccinated; support incentives to getting vaccinated.

    Having two cohorts of population is problematic; this leads to a segregated society.

    Having a vaccine passport system allows people a choice, but makes travel without vaccinations more inconvenient.

    8. Canadian Parents including those in Fort McMurray have long struggled to find affordable high quality childcare spaces. A contributing factor to this is cost as well as the lack of qualified Early Childhood Educators working in the childcare sector. What is your party's plan for developing a strong ECE workforce that can provide affordable, quality care?

    Complete tuition support for ECE students; indeed, for all post-secondary education.

    Support for childcare services through a wage subsidy, fee assistance to parents.

    Support Post-Secondary Educational institutions; help to recruit more 2SLGBTQIA+ and BIPOC educators.

    A Guaranteed Livable Income would benefit low wage earners. An increase in the minimum wage would help low wage earners. We recognize that women make up over 97% of workers in this field; this is an extreme imbalance that should be corrected.

    9. If elected to represent our region, will you vote based on the needs of your constituents, or to align yourself with your party’s policy expectations? For example, if your party told you to vote in favor of a carbon pricing initiative which would directly impact the residents of Fort McMurray - Cold Lake, would you vote in favour or against?

    As the MP, I would represent my constituents to the best of my ability. As an elected Green MP, I would respect Party policies and principles, and would expect that people elected me with these principles in mind.

    10. Please briefly outline your strategy for ongoing reconciliation efforts with indigenous communities.

    As a Settler, I can’t speak for Indigenous Persons. But I am committed to working with Indigenous Peoples, and respecting and supporting their priorities.

    Listen. Hear Indigenous peoples’ concerns, work to empower dedicated individuals, women, leaders and groups working towards this. Respect Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom. Honour the right to free, prior and informed consent.

    I value the AFN’s “Healing Path Forward”; the work from the Industry Relations groups of the First Nations in the Athabasca Tribal Council; and the many Metis Nation of Alberta locals, and Metis Settlements. All of these groups are struggling for better conditions for their people. We are all treaty people.

    I take direction from the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action; the Calls for Justice from the National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls; the Kairos Blanket Exercise; the seven sacred teachings


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